The Relationships of Teens

             The relationships that teenagers experience will affect them in their future lives. These relationships bring about happiness, sadness, and even depression. Teens should try to build healthy, trusting relationships with those close to them. These will help them to grow and to become a better, well-rounded person. Healthy, future relationships rely on the relationships that a teen experiences with family, friends, and the opposite sex.

             During adolescence many teens become distant from their families, especially their parents. Spending time with their friends becomes more frequent and is abnormal if this does not occur. Parents need to be there for their teen(s) at any time. To maintain a good, close relationship parents must build a relationship where their teen can feel comfortable to come and talk to them about anything, good or bad. This support and encouragement is very important to a teen's psychological growth. To ensure that the relationship does not become dysfunctional and that it gains a feeling of being comfortable, parents and teens should be aware of each others' feelings. This means that they should know each other's joys and what causes them pain. Parents are the most important role model in a teen's life. A parent's behavior rubs off onto their child and many times parents are unaware of this (Orvin 81-109). They must set a good example and teach them what is right and wrong. A pare!.

             nt's love and trust are the most significant things that they can show their children. Their love and trust gives their teen respect and love for themselves. It is normal for there to be many conflicts during this time of adolescence between teens and their parents, the key is to have open communication and trust. Many of these conflicts occur from rules about curfew, friends, and dating.

             Many teenagers are very rebellious during this time in their lives. When a parent shows discouragement in their choice of mate, often the teen tends to date this person just to upset their parents.

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