The Religious Beliefs
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Heaven and hell. Jesus Christ and Satan. Joseph and Mary.Christmas

and Hanukkah. We have all heard these terms throughout our lives.

Chances are we all have differing ideas on the meanings of these, and

they all affect us in different ways. Since the beginning of time, people

have been fighting for their beliefs and their religion. The many

opinions of Americans, and the opportunity to express them, leads to a

wide array of lifestyles, rituals, and beliefs. Nowadays, "religion”

means many different things to Americans. This illustrates the freedom

that Americans possess and the way that it shapes their differing

opinions on the past, present, future, and the definitions of wrong and

Religion affects us in the earliest years of our lives. Though

children may not acquire knowledge of religion from their own

viewpoints, they adopt religion based on their parents' beliefs and

practices. For example, many children can start off their lives by being

baptized or christened to a certain religion. This is the first step of the

parents' influence on a child's religion. This sets the children off on a

path that the parents have laid out for them. Another instance of

parents affecting the childrens' religion is whether or not they go to

church and what church they attend. Whatever the parents believe will

carry on to their children at a young age because they trust their

parents with their own well-being and trust them to show them right

and wrong while they are too young to see it for themselves. If a

child's family practices a certain religion, then that is what the child will

know and will not wonder about the validity of it. If some children

never celebrate Christmas, then the children will not know that there

are any other options. The children will be used to that and will not feel

as if they are missing out on something, at least not at a young age.

This is ...

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