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Dreamland It Would Be

My grandmother once told me that a person who "has character” is a person who not only thinks well of others, but of themselves as well. She also told me that such a person is not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. I still hold these qualities of character to heart because, after all, a grandmother's word is wisdom. However, I have slightly modified my qualities of character to a bit higher standard. A person who has character is someone who is courageous, ethical, has self-respect and treats others well. I can only imagine what a dreamland it would be if everyone in the world had character.

Courage is an important quality of character because it shows that one is not afraid to stand up for what they believe is right. Courageous people are emotionally strong enough to handle whatever trials and tribulations that are forced their way and they do this with integrity and perseverance. In Stockdale's story, "The World of Epictetus,” he discusses his courageous fight for survival while serving eight years as a prisoner of war (four of which were spent in solitary confinement) during the Vietnam War. This showed such an amazing act of courage because he was able to survive this tragic ordeal without jeopardizing his honor and integrity by selling out to the enemy. Unlike another soldier who did this, Stockdale was unable to find it within his character to betray his fellow Americans. Courageous people, like Stockdale, gain such tremendous respect from others because they know that they will do anything within their power to fight for what they believe is right. T!

hey help those who are in trouble and do so without question. One example that comes to mind is a story that my English professor told me. She observed three children breaking into a car and stealing a baseball bat. Rather than shutting her blinds and whispering to herself, "What a shame!” she instead chased after the boys and retrieved the stolen bat....

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