Argument For Gun Control

             It has seemed as if Americans have always had an obsession with owning guns. citizens the right to bear arms, they have always been quick to take advantage of it and scoff at anyone who tries to interfere. Yet one might wonder why someone would be so defensive over something so dangerous. For this reason, along with many others, I do believe that gun control is necessary for today's society. Gun control will play a major part in the decrease of the crime and murder rate. Also, why even have guns to begin with considering they serve no real purpose to us. Finally, there will be a decrease in accidental shootings especially those amongst children. .

             With stronger gun control laws, the crime and murder rates will decrease all across the country. The key thing is the more difficult you make it for someone to buy a gun, the fewer people will probably own guns. This will make less likely of someone using it. Currently it is so easy to get a gun, that people with criminal records and mentally unstable individuals can gain access to such a dangerous tool. England has completely illegalized the ownership or usage of guns except for the military and occasionally the police. Since then, England has one of the lowest crime and murder rates in Western Europe, if not the lowest. .

             Guns are also responsible for being the number one cause of accidental deaths in the United States. You would think that when owning something as dangerous as a gun, people would be somewhat careful. Though that might be the case for some, many don't know how to safely use and/or store their weapon. It is because of this that children are finding their parents guns and accidentally shooting themselves or even someone else. Also, more and more we are seeing the growing trend of school shoot-outs. Teens are either buying guns or taking their parents' and shooting up schools many times killing or injuring other students.

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