The first President of United States of America

            George Washington, the first President of United States of America, was born on .

             Pope's Greek Plantation in Westmorland County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732. When George .

             was three years old, the Washingtons moved further up the Potomac River to another family tract. .

             At the time, this plantation consisted only of a modest house and a few outbuildings surrounded .

             by trees. " Later the sight of this magnificent home and exquisitely tended gardens, orchards, and .

             croplands would be called Mount Vernon.

             George's family moved again when he was six, this time to Ferry Farm another of .

             George's father Augustine Washington's Properties. In 1738 George's half brother Lawrence .

             returned from England, where he had been educated. Lawrence was the son of Augustine .

             Washington's first wife who had died in 1729. Lawrence was a charming and sophisticated twenty .

             year old who soon became George's idol.( Bruns 1987).

             George was privately tutored. He showed interest and aptitude in reading, .

             spelling and arithmetic. His early schoolbooks are filled with mathematical tables and notations on .

             land surveying. Unlike Thomas Jefferson and other influential Virginians of his day, Washington .

             neither attended college nor received any higher education. In fact, he was the only one of the .

             nation's first six presidents who did not go to college. His main interests were more physical, he .

             loved fishing. swimming, shooting and riding, later gaining a reputation as one of the best .

             horsemen in Virginia. ( Davis 1975).

             Only eleven years old when his father died, George was shuttled between the .

             several Washington farms during his youth. He especially enjoyed the time he spent with his .

             brother Lawrence. Lawrence lived at the little hunting creek home which he had named Mount .

             Vernon in honor of Admiral Edward Vernon, under whom he had served in the British Navy. .

             Lawrence married Anne FairFax, the daughter of Colonial William Fairfax.

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