The Model's Character in Carol Ann Duffy's "Standing Female Nude"

            Discuss The Model's Character From The .

             Point Of View Of The Reader And The Narrator.

             In Carol Ann Duffy's poem, "Standing Female Nude”, the model's character can be discussed by the reader and these views may contrast the views of the narrator, who is the model. I will begin by looking at the narrator's opinion of herself before considering my own views of the character.

             The narrator shows that the model is very confident about herself in the poem and many points and examples can be used to show this. The model believes that after the painting is created 'the bourgeoisie will coo at such an image of a river-whore.' Here we notice that the narrator has a very high opinion of herself by suggesting that the painting with the model in it will be adored by the middle-class. Another example of the narrator showing that the model has a high opinion of herself is shown in the third stanza. We notice that the model believes the artist is attracted sexually to her 'there are times he does not concentrate and stiffens for my warmth.' Her high opinion of herself is emphasised even more when she continues to explain that the artist could not possibly be thinking of possessing her in the flesh as well as on the canvas 'He possesses me on canvas. you've not the money for the arts I sell.' In the second stanza the narrator says the Queen of England, made out!.

             of tea leaves, is gazing at her naked body and says 'Magnificent'. This could show what she thinks of her appearance, again echoing her high opinion and confidence in herself, shown in the previous examples.

             Also in the second stanza, the narrator informs us that the model is only concerned 'with her next meal' and how she will afford it. She deliberately makes a comparison with the concerns of the artist to show that his concerns are trivial and meaningless 'He is concerned with volume, space.' From this we can see that the narrator is showing the model is therefore dependent and more important than the artist is because her concerns are less trivial.

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