The Peccadillo

            What is sin? That is the question needed answered today. As I sit hear at my computer desk, I type in the word sin. I look up synonyms for it and words such as peccadillo, offense, failing, indulgence, and wrongdoings come up. It makes one wonder what is the actual definition of such a word. Is it a peccadillo? Is it an offense? Or is it something else? Something more?.

             Sin to me is something more than the words listed above. It is a crime. Something wrong that is done intentionally to hurt someone. I think that the one committing it must know that it is an offense and then goes ahead and does it anyways. There are so many sinners in the world and every sin that they commit must go through this process before I believe it can be considered a sin.

             So, what is sin? It could be as small as breaking a pencil in half or, then again, it could be as big as killing 35 people with one round of shots. The person must be know exactly what the situation is when doing so. .




             ernesto cerimele.

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