The Employee Motivation

            One of the most puzzling issues in modern management is employee motivation. There are plenty of employees that just "punch the clock.” They go to work just for the paycheck and nothing else. They have no self-pride in their work and do the bare minimum for managerial satisfaction. Not only are these employees hurting themselves, they are hurting the company.

             Employee motivation has been a puzzling issue for managers since the beginning of time. There have been many programs to motivate employees such as incentives, contests, and commission, but over the years they have proven to do little to motivate the long-term employees. In an era of increasing competition it is important for organizations to effectively utilize all available resources, including human resources. The motivation of employees is important to organizations since it is one of several factors that significantly affect the productivity of employees. .

             Most managers find themselves in the superiority position, where they make all the decisions and the employee's just follow. This is not a good practice because you are excluding the employees and they feel ads if they have no say I the firm. This is a hierarchal structure of the workplace. The person or "boss” is believed to be promoted on the basis of merit from a competitive field of candidates, such an individual naturally assumes that he or she is the most capable and begins what becomes a continual process of proving that in fact her or she is more capable for the position. The irony is that a manager who suddenly changes his or her behavior, looses up, and no longer perceives performance improvements I subordinates as personal failure, risks being viewed as manipulative. Managers must make the changes slowly and genuinely. Managers must first begin the process of recognizing the ability of his or her suborinates to improve and do superior work. Then, the manager must b!.

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