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School Council Speech

Hello my name is Tom Hyde and I'm running for school council president. I decided to run because I want our school to have a stronger, and more active student council that represents every student at PCD. I have been on student council since sixth grade, I went to St. Margaret's where I became president in eighth grade. I took my job very seriously and I was able to accomplish my goals that I had set forth. I was able to get more dances, a dress down day, and started a yearly fundraiser.

In ninth grade I came to PCD. That year I did not run for student council because I was just beginning to meet new people and I didn't feel I knew the school well enough to help run it.

The following year I ran for student council and won. Student council was very successful that year and I was proud to be on it. I learned a lot from older members like Casey Ley, Mike Floriani, and JD Crouchley. I have also learned a lot from my years at PCD. Most of what I have learned has come from the moments I have spent with all of you. Whether it has been sitting in class, working as a team on the lacrosse field or hockey rink, or running with you in cross country, I have been alongside you. Armed with years of listening and leadership experience, as the president of the Investor's Club and as a former student council member, I am fully prepared to represent you. I want to work towards making PCD a place that is shaped around the needs of the students. I want all students here at PCD to have as positive an experience as I have had. By anticipating students' needs instead of waiting to hear their complaints, I hope to work towards creating a more positive experience for !

I believe that I am the best candidate for the job because I care the most. I would like to make our school council a resource so that all students, clubs, and classes can work together to take an idea from a proposal to a reality.


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