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For animals it is instinctive, while for others it is taught. Perhaps some do

not even realize they are doing it. Whether it is a flock of birds following each other for

food, or a general motivating his troops into war, Leadership is the foundation for a

cohesive, and prosperous unit. In my opinion a leader demonstrates three very distinct

characteristics. A leader, successful or not, must commit to a life time of continuous self

improvement, ascertain a high level of communication, and exhibit some compassion and

A leader must always try to improve, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. In

my opinion, a leader that is physically fit will find mission accomplishment easier to fulfill.

In baseball many games are lost by one or two runs. Many of the hitters just do not have the

strength to hit home runs. Obviously if those same hitters that hit routine fly balls, instead,

hit home runs, those games conceivably could of been won. This perfectly illustrates how

physical strength leads to a successful mission. In battle, an emotionally strong leader will

rarely find himself and his troops in death bags. For example, recently a navy soldier fell off

a ship into the water. Even though death seemed inevitable, the soldier managed to stay

alive due to his high emotional composure. With intellectual improvement, the leader will be

able to achieve tasks that he thought impossible and excel at those that were once effortless.

The main purpose of college is to educate students in specific areas. For me, building a chair

is hard enough, yet one day my task might be creating genetical clones. This will be

accomplished by learning and improving myself intellectually. With commitment to

improving, a leader, in my opinion, will only be able to grow stronger. This will earn him

respect form his unit, and ultimately lead to success in the future.

Whether communicat...

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