Same-Sex Marriage Conflicting Issues




             Can Same-Sex Marriage Be Straight? .


             In our society, marriage has served a variety of functions other than raising and producing offspring. If it were only about raising a child, society would discourage sterile men and women from marrying and not allow those women to bear children. But marriage is about more than reproduction. It's of companionship. It's about "socially stabilizing value of sexual monogamyā€¯(Curry 12). It's concerning the ability of devoted partners to achieve more in variety of areas than individuals can on their own. Marriage is a two-way street-that makes both partners stronger in an array of ways, some of which make society as a whole that much better. Denying the right of marriage to gays is like denying our senior citizens or sterile heterosexual couple that right. Lesbians and gays alike, too, can benefit from this social recognition. They can find ease and vigor in this lawful marriage. As so they can strengthen their workplace and their communities. Should family members be allowed to marry? The disgust we feel would not be the same if an adopted brother married an adopted sister. What would it matter if Chyna and Carol and Chester down the block shared a house and a really big bed and have a legalized arrangement that obligates them to one another? Not much, as long as the legal rights and responsibilities are spelled out and understood by the parties. Our society should not have interest in blocking same-sex marriage, only if considerable harm, politically or socially can be demonstrated.

             So why should we not allow homosexual citizens the same right to marry as their heterosexual peers. So far as I can tell, homosexuals should not be allowed to marry because heterosexuals have already made such a mess of it. With marital cheating going rampant in our society, even our own president has indulged in such affairs. Their argument is that same-sex marriage is the straw that will break the camel's back,.

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