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Romeo: A True Romantic Hero

Personality is one of the main factors that cause one to be the individual that they are. Romantic heroes have a certain individuality that gives them that title. In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, a boy named Romeo Montague has certain characteristics that give him the ability to be named as a true romantic hero. His loneliness and desire for love, his sensitivity towards love, and his impulsiveness to do anything for Juliet are the traits that give reason to why Romeo is a romantic hero.

In the beginning of the book, Romeo displays that he is lonely. At first, his mind is set only on a girl named Rosaline. When he realizes that he will never win her heart, he becomes even more saddened, so his cousin suggests to him that they go to a party where he may find someone else. Benvolio asks him, "What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?” He responds, "Not having that, which, having, makes them short.” In this statement, Romeo refers to himself as being lonely from not having love. By feeling lonely, this gives Romeo a drive to find that special someone, anyone that will give their heart to him. As a romantic hero would, Romeo would risk anything just for love. By the time he knows he will never have Rosaline, his desire for love becomes so strong that he makes a risky move when he goes to a Capulet party, a known enemy of the House of Montagues. Romeo's loneliness has such a strong force on him that he goes to a party of his enemy, and there he does find a love, thanks to his will to find one.

As well as being lonely, Romeo is a very sensitive character. The littlest things seem to touch him emotionally. As a romantic hero, he has a strong sensitivity towards love. When Romeo falls in love with Juliet, he becomes very submissive. He will not even fight against Tybalt when he is challenged. Instead, Romeo simply relies, "Tybalt, the reason that I love thee doth much excuse the apperta


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