Safety Concerns on Cell Phone Use While Driving

             The cellular phone, while not being directly related to automotive travel, has become one of the most popular and life-threatening innovations. "Today, one telematic device in particular - the cell phone - has become a significant highway safety concern” (Petri 32). The number of cellular phone users has grown to one hundred million in the United States. There are two categories of cell-phone purposes. The first category, which is least popular, is called "only for emergencies.” Cellular phones used in this category are simply reliable sources of communication. Some emergencies might include: a broken-down car, stranded family or friends, and calls regarding directions. The second category of cell-phone purposes is called "the attention thief.” Which is the leading cause of car accidents and in almost all cases, death. The cellular phones used in this category consist of long personal conversations that steal the drivers' attention away from the road, other drivers, and pedestrians. Driving while talking on a cellular phone negatively effects a person's ability to drive, and increases the risk of anyone else on the road, and hence use of cell phone by drivers should be banned.

             There have been many cases that prove cellular phones interfere with the ability to control an automobile. One case, which ended in the death of a young boy who was hit by a driver using a cellular phone, led me to the assumptions that cellular phones decreases driver's response time and phone conversations created a distraction for drivers. "Nine out of 10 American drivers who use cell phones while driving acknowledge it is a distraction that could lead to accidents” (Joseph A.1). Performing the two tasks of driving and talking simultaneously increases the risk of having an accident four times. Dividing one's attention between two tasks decreases his performance in both of them. "AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that while driver distraction is a substantial contributor to accidents, cell phone use ranked on the top of the causes” (Joseph A.

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