Writing a Book Report

             How to write a book report on a Biography, that's definitely an interesting question. It is definitely something they do not teach you in high school English classes. When writing a book report of this nature one can wonder if a summary of the book is reasonable or if a summary of the life of the person the book is written on is in line, or further yet if a depiction of how the book reads is necessary. I suppose that it would be of obligation to touch up on all three, but I would like to put a certain emphasis on the middle, a summary of the life of the life of the person of which the book is written about. I obviously, as you know, had two biographies to choose from, and of coarse I chose the one that sounded more appealing to read. I chose the biography of Andrew Carnegie by Harold C. Livesay. The book read very well and the author did an excellent job at keeping in factual and to the point but at the same time interesting. Livesay added in parenthesis whenever necessary to verify certain claims and that appreciated. This book or books similar to this one would be good to make as required literature in high school, because it really make us appreciate what we have. In light of recent American events there has been a heightened since of patriotism, and that is good, but shall it fade, this would be an excellent reminder to those who read it. The book opens with a definition of a common American idea and shows how Carnegie proves and glorifies it. The American dream or the possibility of achieving it is something that some of us are born with, and the rest come to America. In America anyone can succeed solely based upon his or her desire to do so. In America an immigrant can cross the border with the clothes on his back, and have no regulations stopping him, thus if he has the desire, he can become the richest man in the world, once again solely on his desire. That is a ver important concept and possibly should be the sub title of this book instead of "The Rise of Big Business”.

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