Different Traits and Diverse Skills of an Ideal Employee

            The ideal employee described in this paper is not the average Joe or Jill off the street. The ideal employee needs so many different traits and diverse skills that it would be hard to find one person who could fit the description. This is more of a wish list, of all the things that the perfect person would have. This list is also an over-generalization, as it is trying to uncover the ideal employee for any job. Another point that needs to be made at the beginning is that it should be possible to train an employee to be the ideal employee. Once it is determined that a prospective employee has many of the traits outlined here, some of the other traits may surface over time, or come with experience.

             The place to start when describing the ideal employee, is with the basic things that influence every persons' behavior, individual characteristic. The ideal employee would need to have the right personality, values, work-related attitudes, abilities, and skills. From there, it is best to expand into the role of groups and leadership, and how these aspects of business affect the ideal employee. Beyond the basic things that an employee would possess, vision, and creativity also need to be looked at. .

             Personality is the most important thing to look at in the beginning. She would need to be dependable, and slightly more extroverted. She needs to have the ability to speak her mind and share her ideas, yet know when it is time to keep quiet and let the boss talk. Her personality would need to be open to new experiences, and be very emotionally stable. At Motorola, a manager there was going through some difficult, personal problems. As a result, she would suddenly burst into tears in the middle of the workday. She could not focus on her job, and let her emotions overwhelm her. The ideal employee should still be emotional, but she needs to have the capability to control those emotions and get to work.

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