The Personal Courage


             It was just last year around this time when I, along with the rest of the ninth grade had to give a ten-minute biography speech on a person who had done something great, infront of the entire ninth grade. I chose Jackie Robinson, someone who had demonstrated plenty of courage by breaking that color barrier in baseball. As I was sitting back watching other people give their speech, I was thinking to myself, "These people seem to be doing pretty good, but I wonder how I am going to do. Am I going to get stuck on a line? Was my speech that I had written good enough? Was I going to get crowd shy?” This is the first time I had given a speech in front of a big group like this. And then it happened. My name was called. Thoughts I had never had before came flying through my head as I walked to the front of the room. I stood for a second and gazed at the enormous size of the crowd. Then without realizing it, I turned around, took a deep breath, and found that courage I had been searching for. The speech was a success. Well, I got a 'B'.

             Courage is also displayed on a much larger scale in A Lesson Before Dying as Jefferson, a very young man on deathrow seeks to build up himself, and earn enough courage to step up to the execution, not a hog, but a man. As Grant Wiggins steps in to portray the role of a more father-like figure in teaching Jefferson the lessons of life and how exactly to be a man. Both Jefferson and Grant go through some hard times, and I am sure it was very difficult for Grant to tell Jefferson what his nanna wanted and why he should do it, but it was even harder for Jefferson to harness enough courage to make his nanna, his family, Grant, and his community proud. Courage in standing up to your own execution is definitely something hard to obtain.

             Sam also displays lots of courage in Mater Harold and the boys. Sam, took up the role as a father figure to Hally since his dad was a drunk.

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