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Machiavelli and More's Books

Questions about how a society should be run have been debated throughout history. From early philosopher, Plato, who wrote about a successful republic to today?s most prominent republican, George W. Bush, the ideals of government have certainly changed. Added to the forum of debate are two Renaissance writers, Sir Thomas More and Nicolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli?s book, The Prince, a guide to how a prince should run his nation, exhibits the fact that human nature is inherently selfish. In contrast, Sir Thomas More?s book, Utopia, a description of the ideal human society, demonstrates that human nature cannot be selfish to create a Utopia and is neither good nor evil but develops according to the society that the person is raised in. In comparing Utopia and The Prince, many conflicting issues arise, such as whether a leader like Cesare Borgia or Commodus should be praised as glorious leaders, and what type of society were they built to govern, Machiavellian or Utopian. Another issue might be a laissez faire verses hands on government or how to deal with problems that arise between nations in either a Machiavellian or Utopian society. Throughout the discussion of theses topics, both authors outline their different views on human nature and use those philosophies to create their ideal government. With Machiavelli?s views on the inherent selfishness of human nature, a true Utopian cannot exist.

A Utopian government is gentle and fair in nature yet in Machiavelli?s more realistic society, this relaxed form of government would not survive. In other words, Utopia?s laissez faire approach is too weak of a system to control a naturally corrupt society. Both authors create a government that would function properly under whichever form of human nature they believe to be true. Therefore, in Machiavelli?s society there were many laws and regulations that were strictly enforced and harshly punished. The Utopians view the need for law differentl...

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