Struggles in College Life
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The biggest adaptation I have had to make in my life was moving to college. Not only was it totally different from high school in relation to the content of classes and homework, but also it was also completely different from my home and social life. This can lead to a lot of new stressors in your life, some positive, and some negative. You will find yourself living on your own, with new surroundings and new people. Also, this newfound freedom can force you to adopt a heavy financial burden. For the majority of you, this is something you have never experienced nor had to endure before. "Most students struggle, to varying degrees, with the move from high school to college.” (Counselor's Corner, 1)

Generally, college classes are not that much more difficult than high school courses. The main difference is that in college, you have to do all of your homework outside of class. Unless you are a student athlete here at State, there is no study hall on campus. Instead, you will have to utilize the facilities here such as the library in your own time, and at your own free will, which requires a lot of personal discipline. Another big difference between high school academics and college academics is the importance of the test. Unlike in high school, where daily assignments can help to cushion a grade, the main source of grading in college is the test. With possibly only three tests per semester in certain classes such as geology, you will find yourself under a heavy responsibility to do well on each test. "According to a study released last week, students are not coping well with stress. A record 30 percent of freshmen reported feeling "frequently overwhelmed” by all they have to do.” (Kates, 1)

Also, with all of the independence that you now have, homework and studying are not always going to be your first priorities. Personally, I would much rather spend time with friends playing sports, or


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