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Life without music?

I cant imagine living my life without music. Music has such a huge part in my life and in the life's of many others. Certain songs can remind someone of a special moment in their life. Music can have such a lasting impression on someone. I, myself have three songs that whenever I hear them bring me right back into time. Whenever I hear these songs I experience the same things all over again. These three songs will always have a lasting impression in my memory.

They can say anything they want to say

And they can try hard to make me feel

It was Friday afternoon and the cafeteria was filled with the usual people and commotion. The upperclassmen were sitting in their normal spot. The football players were sitting in there spot, and so on. I took my seat at my usual table with my girlfriends. We started chitchatting and what not. We were discussing who we saw today and what cuter older guys talked to us. Then one of my friends asked me a weird question, "Cristina, did you see your locker?aE...

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