Candide-Is Eldorado

            A utopian society is any imaginary political social system in which relationships between individuals and the state are perfectly adjusted. In the novel Candide, Voltaire describes a hidden uptopian kingdom called El Dorado. El Dorado is described as a "paradise of happiness.” "It is probably the country where all is well: for there absolutely must be such place.”(pg.42) It has an advanced educational system, beautiful palaces, and poverty is non-existent because gold is looked at as "common pebbles.” El Dorado is utopian because there is no organized government or religion, the equality, and everyone lives in harmony.

             El Dorado has no organized religion. "We do not prey to Him. We have nothing to ask of Him; He has given us all we need, and we return Him thanks without ceasing.” (pg.44) Since there is no organized religion, there aren't any religious disputes. Religious disputes usually lead countries to wars and all sorts of dilemma. There is also no government. No people attempt to force systems of belief on others. "Here we are all of one opinion.”(pg.44) All the people of the kingdom have the same opinion and beliefs. The people in El Dorado not only have the same opinions, but also treat each other as equals.

             Everybody in El Dorado is treated equally. "Immediately two waiters and two girls. After which the great crown officers, of both sexes, led them to the King's apartment.” (pg.45) No matter race or sex everyone in El Dorado is treated in the same way. There also weren't any bows in the presence of the King. Instead visitors greeted him as his equals. They "kissed him on each cheek.” (pg.45) However, there were no quarrels or disagreements because everyone lived in harmony.

             All the people in El Dorado lived in vast harmony. Candide asked to see the court of justice in El Dorado. "They told him they had none and were strangers to lawsuits.” (pg.45) They also had no "courts or prisons” because everyone acted accordingly and lived with a good attitude toward each other.

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