Saving Rainforests

             The world has been ignoring the rainforests for too long, they must open their eyes as to what is happening to them. There are so many species of life, no one will ever be able to count how many there actually are. The rainforests need to be saved and a couple of people cannot do it alone, it has to be a worldwide commitment. The expert Professor Norman Myers speaks out on this issue. He has been a consultant to many UN agencies, the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Resources Institute, and other organizations. He is interested in resource relationships between the developed and developing worlds.

             The species of the rainforests are so great in number. Everyday several dozen species disappear. Our world needs to make this stop! The species going extinct will never be seen or heard from again, once they are gone. What if there was an animal species in their containing something in its body to cure a deadly disease like AIDS. The species could possibly be extinct before the scientists even discovered it was their. If these species died and the sun still came up the next day does it really make a difference? Yes, it does make a huge difference. The difference is explained in the oil-palm plantations. At one time, many species lived their, but now, since workers came in and took the oil-palm for cosmetics and other goods, they have disappeared. Only one species remains on the oil-palm plantations. This is the weevil and its attention is confined to the oil-palm alone. The species of the rainforest just continue to drop to lower numbers, each and every day.

             The rainforest is also getting destroyed by consumers wanting products from their. Many people of the world have a strong demand for hardwoods and many of these come directly from the rainforest. Even hardwood floors contain tropical rainforest wood. We do not pay the price for these.

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