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The Gun Ban

In general, guns have been a major problem for years upon years. The

threat of guns in cities and towns is astonishing. Many people in

the United States are fighting to ban guns everywhere, others think

they should have the right to own a gun with no questions asked.

Considering the amount of handgun deaths, many people ask the

question "Are guns killing people or are people killing people?”

Many people are in the fight to gain stricter laws on guns, Yet just

as many are opposed to the idea of stricter laws.

Guns started to become an issue in the late 1970s and early

1980s. In 1977 guns were the weapons used in approximately 70% of

the murders in the United States.(Encarta Online) 60% of all murder

victims in the United States (about 12,000) were killed by firearms,

and 70,000 were injured. During the early 1980s "Hip Hop” and "Rap”

became popular. This increased the number of gun conflicts greatly

because of the image of a rapper.(Dennis, Debate) Heavily populated

cities had an increasing amount of gangs during this time.(Dennis,

Debate) The gangs would sell drugs and use guns to back them up if a

deal went bad.(Dennis, Debate) Guns were easily accessed due to the

heavy gang activity.(Dennis, Debate) People were being shot everyday

as a result in these gangs. Many people were trying to fight the

spread of guns and get a stricter law on accessibility to guns.

People who want gun control have a very hard time convincing

government officials to do something about it. The Republican

controlled Congress has doubts because of what the Second Amendment

said about guns. Handgun Control Inc. (HCI) said, "The Second

Amendment poses no threat to the laws affecting the private

possession of firearms, and this may well be the most settled

proposition in constitutional law.”(Dennis, Debate)

"HCI also wrote a letter to the P...

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