Meaning of Human Nature

            Human nature is a very hard thing to define. Describing it is not so very easy, as you might think that it's just 'the way humans do things'. It is much deeper than that. Human nature is more on how humans react to certain events and how they make decisions. In Harper Lee's worldwide famous novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the characters think, act, and do exactly as a normal person would do. That is what makes the book so fun to read. The book is somewhat about the bad side of human nature. An example of a conflict in the book is racism, which plays a huge role at the end of the book. Another example of human nature in the book is when Mrs. Dubose calls Jem's father, Atticus, a nigger lover. Human nature can sometimes be like that.

             Tom Robinson is the name of a black man in the book, which takes place in Maycomb, Alabama. Tom's left arm is 12 inches shorter than a normal person's arm at his age and height. His arm is completely useless, he can't do anything with it. In part II of the novel he goes to a court case for being convicted of rape. He is found guilty. Even though evidence at the court case shows that he didn't do anything, he is hanged anyway, just for being black. Racism has always been around ever since there have been humans on this earth, and there is a long wait before it's put to an end, if it's ever put to an end. Human nature, in this scenario, comes into play when the jury of the court case finds him guilty. The whole jury didn't like Tom Robinson because he is different than them. For one thing, he is a black man, and he has a handicapped arm. He knows he is innocent, everyone in the court does, and yet human nature impacted the outcome of the court case because everyone there didn't like black people. For some reason, racism exists. Maybe it is the fact that everyone is different, and that some people don't like the way someone else is. That they are different from one another bothers them, and if a person's lifestyle is different, and they live a separate lifestyle from your own makes them mad.

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