Honoring Our Veterans

            " Words that ring true for millions of people in this country and only because of the sacrifice and efforts of our veterans.

             The liberty and justice that our veterans have fought for doesn't seem to apply to them. The American dream is the cause in which they risked their lives. A dream of freedom where the future generations of Americans would live peacefully with no slavery and no tyranny; a place where everyone has a future and everyone has a dream. These brave and outstanding citizens of America have risked their lives and futures for us, and yet, we have done so little to give our thanks for the sacrifices they have suffered. Where is the liberty in a man who is confined to a wheelchair after fighting in war for our freedoms? Where is the justice when the United States government cuts that man's benefits? It is a travesty to see how we treat the men and women who have given us this wonderful country that we live in.

             Disability payments are boing cut which means our veterans may not be able to get the medical necessities that they need to be in good health. Our veterans have lost so much in the wars, the least we could do is show them the American hospitality that they deserve and give them the medical attention they need to survive.

             At this time in our nation's history we seem to have finally begun to take a serious look at the heroic achievements of the men and women of World War II. High profile movies like "Saving Private Ryan" captured our interest giving us new insight into the horror of the most devastating war of our time. We should have a national memorial to pay tribut to those men and women who endured terrible hardships on our behalf. Mass efforts are now underway to do just that.

             "We the prople, of the United Sates" owe our veterans so much. They have shown us so convincingly how to find courage and enduring strength in anything we might want to accomplish.

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