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Why Choose Me?

In my opinion I think that a Resident Advisor should assume an active leadership role in the development of a respectful residence hall community. A Resident Advisors is expected to demonstrate effective communication skills, leadership potential, an appreciation for differing viewpoints, willingness to accept responsibility and a sincere interest in working with students. A successful candidate will have an interest and ability to work with students from a variety of racial, cultural and lifestyle backgrounds. Sensitivity to student success and developmental needs, as well as creating a respect for this in others, contributes to the creation of a positive living environment for residents.

Thus, I think that I can a great Resident Advisor because I like to be in a leadership role. I enjoy helping others with there problems. I find myself excelling when I am in leadership roles. I have been named chief chair in my Introduction to speech class. When I was in high school I was a peer mediator because I take pleasure in helping others. I was named class leader in my ROTC class. I was part of the FBLA and the National Honor society. I was named superior cadet my first year in ROTC. I am disciplined and organized therefore I can divert all my attention to the task at hand, with out it interfering with my schoolwork. My whole life I have been traveling, and it has helped me develop communication skills with many different race and cultures. My interpersonal skills allow me to communicate with others on a relative basis, so that I can coach, teach, counsel, motivate, but also empower. I can employ sound judgement, logical reasoning and use of resources wisely. I often use after action and evaluation tools to facilitate consistent improvement. I am self controlled and cool under pressure. I have observed other resident advisors and I have found myself interested in how well they presented themselves as good role model and if


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