The Chosen:Do not Take the Things Given to You for Granted

             There are so many things in this world that people want. People want cars, land, big homes, and the money to buy these possessions . Human beings set so many goals to gain material things, that often they don't take time out to look at the things that exist right in front of them. People have many abilities that are given to them at birth that they tend to take for granted. Many of these things that are often taken advantage of are very cleverly pointed out in The Chosen, by Chaim Potok.

             Potok has a very unique way of writing. He has a way of teaching lessons to his readers through his stories. Most of these little lessons are necessities in life that we use every single day. In The Chosen, Potok teaches the reader through Reuven's experiences, and the things that Reuven and Danny learn as they experience life and its hardships. One of the main lessons that kept popping up throughout the novel was to not take the things given to you for granted. By the things given to you I mean the things you have a natural right to, such as using your five senses, having your own beliefs, and being able to choose your friends. .

             The novel began with the main characters, Reuven and Danny, playing in a baseball game. The two teams hated each other, as did Reuven and Danny. The two different teams were two different types of Jews, and neither of the teams agreed with the other's lifestyle or way of practicing the jewish religion. Each team member had been living life the way they were brought up to live it, and each team member was not about to accept any other way of thinking. Tension had been building between Danny and Reuven the entire game. Finally, Danny came up to bat while Reuven was pitching. He swung at the ball and hit it right at Reuven's head. The baseball hit Reuven in the eye causing a piece of glass from Reuven's glasses to go in to Reuven's eye. This accident changed Reuven's appreciation for many things he had been taking advantage of for the rest of his life.

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