The issues between Faith and Reason

            Faith and reason, this subject deserves so much more attention than I am capable of doing so at this time. Even if I were to have the time, would I ever be quite capable to conceive what fashions life as I know it today? Reason is what we can perceive through our five senses. Reason is logic. Reason does not appeal to a higher authority. Reason is a personal thing; no one can convince you of reason except by your own rational thoughts. Faith is opposite of rational thoughts. Faith is what we do not have evidence from our five senses. It is one hypothesis of many different explanations of why something happened or what could happen. There can be no evidence for faith, for if there is evidence your belief is grounded in reason, and not faith. As quoted from the bible 2 Corinthians 5:7 For life is a matter of faith, not of sight.

             Since Aristotelianism, movements whose views were of a non-secular type, that helped to start the separation, the conflict between faith and reason. Averroists advocated the doctrine of "double truth" a truth in philosophy need not be valid in religion. . (362) Galileo invented a telescope, further verified Copernican theory and realized that we are not a homocentric, a human centered universe, but rather a heliocentric, a sun centered universe. (553).

             Since man has been able to, he has studied the world, and beyond. He has made judgments, conclusions and theory's about life, and the beginning of life. From the big Bang Theory, Charles Darwin's Evolution theory, and to religious beliefs. Who can really state what is truth or lies?.

             In more recent times, we still use science to help us where religion leaves off; we still want answers to such questions. Such is there a lord, Jesus? Are we the only living beings in this universe? What was the beginning of time, I wonder what was prior to the big bang, where did the particle of dust come from? It had to develop from something, somewhere.

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