Is there a UFO?

            Government cover-ups are a common staple in today's movies. What is it about them that intrigue the American public? Is it their potential truth? The fact that the government actually does hide potentially dangerous information from the very people whom they are trying to keep safe? OR, is it that what they're actually trying to hide is something they themselves cannot explain? Whatever the answer may be, there is one particular government cover-up that has continued to intrigue and maintain the attention of the American public for over 50 years: Roswell.

             Before elaborating about the government's role on the cover-up at Roswell, you need to know what transpired at Roswell, New Mexico. The year was 1947. There have been nation-wide sightings of paranormal UFO's.800 reported cases to be exact. The entire nation is gripped in fear of a possible alien encounter, happens. During the first week of July 1947, "something” crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico (Wilson 2).

             Jim Ragsdale remembers camping on that very weekend and recalls seeing an object in the sky plummet to the ground at an amazing speed. The very same occurrence was also reported by "Mac” Brazel and his wife, the very owners of the land on which the object in question landed. There was a terrible thunderstorm the night before, so "Mac” and a few of the neighbor kids went out to check the sheep, only to find something completely different. The scene was that of an airplane crash of sorts. Parts of the debris were strewn about and a large gouge was hewn in the land where the object made contact and slip for a few hundred yards. Almost instantaneously, "Mac” knew what he was looking at was the remnants of a flying saucer due to the undecipherable etchings on the side of the debris (Roswell 1).

             After hauling as much of the debris as he possible could back to his barn, "Mac” contacted the local law enforcement officer, George Wilcox, who examined the debris and contacted Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel of the 509 Bomb Squad at Nellis Air Force Range (Area S4).

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