The School Goals

            In my opinion, the school's goals should begin with providing students the necessary knowledge and experiences to help contribute to our society. The school needs to make its best effort to keep the students interested in what they are doing so they don't get bored and lose interest in what they are working to accomplish. Numerous extracurricular activities should be provided so that the student's can get involved with their school in many different ways. Somehow, school needs to become a place that kids look forward to coming to every day, not a place they dread and don't want to be at. I am in favor of vocational studies and liberal arts, as well as the general education courses, when it comes to the subjects that need to be taught in school. I think the major subjects such as English and science, as well as subjects such as typing, need to be taught in the classroom setting. The students will gain valuable knowledge, and in some classes hands-on experience, that they can use to their benefit when they get out of school. Also, these students have the opportunity to take classes that fit their interests and thus keeps them interested and excited about the classes they are taking. In terms of achievement, I think that is measured based on the class. In classes such as English, the student should be able to write organized essays or talk in proper sentences. In classes like Home Economics, the students learn by baking a cake or making a pair of shorts from cloth. Some of the classes the students take they need to learn by using the 3 R's and in other classes they need to learn by hands-on work. I think the teacher needs to take it upon him or herself to be a leader in the classroom when it comes to motivation. As a teacher you should have the respect of your students. In turn, they will want to impress you and be successful for you. I feel if you are constantly there telling them they can do it and that their efforts are worthwhile, they will have the motivation to perform in the classroom.

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