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Sonnet XXXIII, or Sonnet 33, by William Shakespeare, is part of the young man cycle. This sonnet discusses the young man's fleeting love, and the main theme is clouded love. The sonnet shows the sun being obscured by clouds just as the man's love is taken away from the author. Shakespeare discusses nature imagery, personifying certain elements of nature. Through structure and metaphor, William Shakespeare shows not only the beauty of the sun, but its parallel to love.

The structure of the poem is divided up into an octave and a sextet. The octave is made up of two quatrains, and the sextet is a quatrain and a couplet. The first quatrain is made up of lines 1-4. "Full many a glorious morning have I seen, flatter the mountain tops with sovereign eye. Kissing with golden face the meadows green, Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy.aE...

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