The Morals of Hunting

            Is Hunting Animals Morally Acceptable?.

             Hunting has been practiced as a means of sustaining life since the beginning of time. It has spawned Olympic sports such as archery and sharp shooting. It is a tradition passed on by the Boy scouts of America to thousands of young children each year. Hunters in America see hunting as a way to honor their heritage and participate in an ethical sport that has positive effects on our nation. Hunting is an enjoyable, ethical sport if it is done with respect for animals, environment, and morality. "Hunting is not the problem. The problem is with hunters.” [Quote Mary Zeiss Strange] .

             Hunting wild animals is morally acceptable. Hunting has provided a means for sustenance, a sport, and a tradition for Americans since the days of the English colonies. Hunters go out, and with a painstaking amount of care, would kill only the amount of animals needed and take it back to their families to be used in whole. Today the case is the same, hunters practice a tradition set forth by their fathers, go out, enjoy the outdoors, and use the animal they kill. .

             Activists are trying, and should not be able to take this right away from any American citizen. They base their arguments on the supposition that hunters are bloodthirsty and have no respect for the hunted animal, being restricted by no limitations. An article written by an anti-hunter describes this clouded point of view, "By the inherent rights of being human, man believes he has the privilege to impose dominion over the animal world. Nowhere is this more evident than in the sport of .

             hunting. However, there are myriad implications with what many consider to be an innocent past time; inasmuch as recreational hunters upset the natural progression of species and their predators, they place a delicate balance of nature in danger.” [Quote: article,] This assumption is wrong and summarizes few if any hunters at all.

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