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My Passion in Writing

When did I first discover the writer within? Over the course of time, what has happened to that writer? Where is that writer now? It was 1972 at Ed White Elementary school in, Houston, Texas where my histories as a writer surely begin. During my attendance of second grade, my teacher, Mr. Ross, possessed an extraordinary ability of getting her students to embrace writing as game which altered my perception of a subject I preconceived as mundane. For the first time in my life, I viewed writing as fun. During those years, I often found myself conjuring up short stories involving fictional characters that confronted abhorrent monsters or haunting aliens. Surely it was then that the writer within was conceived. Possessing my imagination as words of fantasy spilled onto paper, he provided a wonderful escape from day to day boredom. Seemingly this new identity could only become stronger however the years that followed began to diminish my passion for writing.

Throughout Junior High and High school, I became heavily involved with the sport of

Baseball. I not only fell in love with the game, I was also falling in love with members of the opposite sex. Pondering the fate of mysterious characters struggling to find their way onto paper became less and less important. The writer within seem to begin a long journey of sleep, yearning to one day be awakened.

After graduating High School, I choose a career in electronics. While attending school, I began working for a computer company. Though my writing skills were rarely used in electronics school, they became a great asset in performing certain duties of my occupation. Preparing documentation dealing with repair procedures and logistics became part of my daily routine.

Although these documents may not have been very entertaining to read , the accuracy of the data was crucial. One day as I was completing one of these documents, I felt a long forgott


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