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The Life of A Senior Citizen

I never wanted to become a senior citizen. I always thought of old people as being so helpless. Also, it seemed like it would be really depressing to see the old people at the retirement home because it would remind me of my own mortality. I didn't think things far enough when I signed up to volunteer at Plantation South, a retirement home in Duluth, for the Interact club. I just thought it would just be a good way to pick up hours. But later, I found out that helping out senior citizens could be a lesson of a lifetime.

As we got closer and closer to the retirement home, my stomach started to churn and I got butterflies as I thought about what I had just gotten myself into. I thought I was going to be wasting away my whole day with a bunch of boring old men and women. All I seemed to think about was what they could possibly do. The only picture that popped up in my head was a giant, mothball-ponged room filled with helpless souls that were always cranky.

When we arrived I saw a huge sign that said "Plantation SouthaE...

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