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The American Sports History

American Sports History (1865-Present)

3. U.S. Sports at the Turn of the Century

Being that my topic was sports history I found a lot of information, whether it was via the world wide web or printed materials, and was fortunate enough to be able to limit the amount of resources that I actually used. The electronic sources proved to be a valuable source of up to the minute information, but I had to travel all the way to Sarasota, Florida (my father is living there) to find books (see 6.Literature) in the library of Sarasota for my term paper. I found that the books were valuable in researching information from the mid-1800's up to about the early 1990's. Overall the sources that I decided to use for my project proved to be resourceful and valuable.

I used four books to research information about the history of certain sports as well as current information. The first was aE...

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