The American Sports History

            American Sports History (1865-Present).








             Being that my topic was sports history I found a lot of information, whether it was via the world wide web or printed materials, and was fortunate enough to be able to limit the amount of resources that I actually used. The electronic sources proved to be a valuable source of up to the minute information, but I had to travel all the way to Sarasota, Florida (my father is living there) to find books (see 6.Literature) in the library of Sarasota for my term paper. I found that the books were valuable in researching information from the mid-1800's up to about the early 1990's. Overall the sources that I decided to use for my project proved to be resourceful and valuable.

             I used four books to research information about the history of certain sports as well as current information. The first was „Sports in Modern America" by William J. Baker and John M. Carroll. This book proved to be one of the two primary sources that I used to gain information about the history of sports. This book provided me with anything from who invented a certain sport, who was a particular sports most popular player in any given year, to where sports were played in the early twentieth century. Overall this proved to be a valuable source of information in regards to the history of sports in general.

             Another resource that primarily dealt with sports from the mid 1800's to the early 1960's was „Pictorial History of American Sports" by John Durant and Otto Bettmen. This book was published in the early 1960's and was great when referencing any particular situation. This book primarily dealt with game changing moments, situations the went down in history, and groundbreaking happenings.

             Since it was a pictorial documentary of sports in general it only included captions which described certain situations.

             „Sport In America" by David Wiggins was a source that provided me with interesting facts and statistics as well as leaders in each of the sports covered.

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