The History of Nikki's Family and Early Childhood

             Some people descried Nikki Giovanni as been a History of Nikki's Family and Early Childhood.

             A woman named Emma Watson was born in 1890, then at the early age of nineteen was married to John Brown Watson. John was a shy, gentle man who was twenty years older than his wife Emma. Emma gave birth to their first daughter on January 5, 1919, thins was Nikki's mother, Yolanda Cornelia Watson.

             Soon after the birth of their child the Wastons had to leave Albany in a rush. Emma had argued with a white woman shopkeeper about the lengths of some cloth. Having disagreements with white people was very dangerous for people of color in those days. Because in southern towns, lynching of the colored people were still popular.

             After leaving Albany Georgia the Watson's settled down in Knoxville, Tennessee, by buying a house in a black neighborhood. Over the next years the Watsons had two more daughters Anna and Ages. John supported the family by teaching Latin at an all black school call Austin High.

             Yolanda, John and Emma oldest daughter and child was smart, pretty and artiste, and athletic. In Knoxville College in the mid-thirties she met Jones Giovanni. He was a well-manner, hansom guy with an unusual last name.

             Gus Giovanni, and Yolanda got married after their graduation, and soon welcomed first child to the world on September 2, 1940. They had a baby girl named GaryAnn. A couple of years later Yolanda was pregnant again. Yolanda was hoping for a boy, and told Gary she would soon have a brother. The whole family started calling the unborn child Nikki. The on June 7, 1943 Yolanda had a baby girl, named Yolanda Cornelia Giovanni Jr. As she grew people began to call her Nikki.

             Yolanda and Gus both had college degrees, but in that time the job choices for blacks were limited. Nikki's father worked as a bellhop in a local hotel, and stoked furnaces for a government agency. Shortly after the birth of Nikki the Giovannis moved to a northern Suburb of Woodlawn Cincinnati.

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