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The Influence of Media to the Youth

Are television, movies and news broadcasts corrupting the youth of society? This paper examines the issues surrounding this question, and attempts to determine if violence depicted in the media influences the actions and behavior of its viewers. Evidence shows acts of violence are continually increasing in television, movies, and news broadcasts, impacting the youngest members of society.

TV shows and movies typically inform and entertain viewers, and try to persuade them to buy products. However, while entertaining viewers, they routinely depict violence, a common staple used in delivering media's message. The appalling fact is that these violent shows are impacting youth and endangering society.

Youth violence has increasingly become an apparent part of modern living. Today there are more juvenile homicides, youths carrying weapons, and youth gang members than any other time during our history. This increase in violence is originating from somewhere, and one possible source may be the Television industry (Barbour S).

Violence on TV and in the movies are inspiring people to set their wives on fire, lie down in the middle of the road, rape, steal, murder, and commit shootings. More than 1,000 studies have suggested that media violence can have a negative affect on adults and even children. (Mudore) When some teens watch these shows it makes them more aggressive and anti-social. After prolonged viewing of these shows, even for only several days, people can become less sensitive to violence, to its victims, and to its consequences. Once this occurs it may take more violence to satisfy their demand for what they believe to be entertainment and in real life.

Violence can be viewed in cartoons, soap operas and prime time shows. Statistics have proven that children have increased television viewing while television has increased in violence. The average child sees 8,000 murders and 10,000 acts of violence such as, rape, s...

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