The Immigration to Canada
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On the subject of putting more or less restrictions on migration, I would have to say that

putting more restrictions would be necessary. I feel that if we let in people under low

sercomstances more and more unemployed people will migrate to Canada.

The first thing that I would like to discuss is unemployment with many of our

immigrants. Most immigrants have a degree in a profession or in a field of work that is suitable

for their home countries lifestyle. If a person of high skill in a country were to come here and not

have the degrees or knowledge needed to work in that profession in Canada they would not get

the job, and they would have to get that certain degree. This would probably mean that they

would live on welfare if they do not get the degree. For these migrants to come into Canada and

not work is a strain on society. This means that Taxes will go up, and that the people already

living there and earning a living, will have to pay the government to pay these migrants that

Immigration can also foster racism. If one particular culture was living in a specific area

and then a new group, or culture, came in, the other culture may feel threatened. This is called

xenophobia. This can aggravate racism and it puts a threat on the area. I am not saying that we

should only let certain people into Canada, What I am saying is that if a great deal of people from

form one culture come into Canada and take over, people will feel threatened and racism will

When an immigrant immigrates to Canada unemployed with no work ethics, they tend to

live off of welfare. They are basically taking advantage of getting money without working.This is

unfair to our society because they are paying the government to pay them the money in which to

live, and they arrant working to get it.

Immigration with less restrictions means that anybody can come in


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