The Importance of Change

            'Change' is the process undertaken by an individual that allows them to evolve physically and emotionally. Such a process results in outcomes for other individuals or groups involved and is developed by experiences and maturity. This understanding of 'change' is shaped and represented in a number of texts through the techniques of various composers. The novel Looking for Alibrandi and Text 3 'Sky High' from the stimulus booklet are text that incorporate the theme of changing perspective. The song 'Man in the Mirror' by Michael Jackson and the poem 'A Change in Perspective' by Ruth Gillis are supplementary materials that help shape the understanding of 'change' within texts. .

             The prescribed text, Melina Marchetta's Looking for Alibrandi develops the notion of change in perspective through focusing on the main character Josephine Alibrandi. The composer writes the novel in first person narrative, a technique that constantly reveals personal ideas and impressions from the point of view of Josephine. As Josephine's own identity develops, so does the reader's perspective on issues within the novel due to her bias constantly maturing and changing. This allows readers to understand how 'change' is affecting Josephine's perspective on relationships, culture and identity. At the start of the novel Josephine does not understand the importance of her Italian background and culture. She cannot comprehend why her family come together on 'Tomato Day' to squeeze tomatoes instead of buying "Paul Newman special sauce” (Josie - Pg 171). At the end of tomato day, after experiencing such a warm family atmosphere, Josephine expresses her feelings on culture. She realises that in the beginning she tried to avoid living an Italian lifestyle but through this experience she learns that, "culture is nailed into matter how far you run” (Josie - Pg 175). Josephine's personal revelation in this quote is an example of the effect of first person narrative.

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