Wrting A Short Literary Composition

            An essay is a short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author. Writing a paper is not the easiest thing in the world, especially if the writer is not interested in the topic they are writing about. In my opinion writing can be used as a tool, entertainment, or to inform a person on a certain topic. The last paper I wrote was to inform people on the life of Pablo Picasso. Throughout this essay I will discuss the experience of writing in terms of Richard Marius's points about the writing process, as well as the overall quality of my last paper in terms of Marius's eleven qualities. I will start with Marius's eleven qualities of a good essay.

             Richard Marius discusses what he believes are eleven qualities of a good essay in his book A Writer's Companion. He believes that most essays are short enough to be read at one sitting, a good essay gets to the point quickly, good essays have good titles, and a good essay stays with its subject. He also thinks a good essay rests on solid evidence, a good essay considers any evidence that may seem to contradict the writer's major argument, a good essay is written with an audience in mind, and a good makes internal connections and transitions. Finally, Marius feels that a good essay does not drift without clear purpose form item to item, a good essay is mechanically and grammatically correct and looks neat on the page, and a good essay concludes swiftly and gracefully and mirrors the beginning. My last paper had only a few of these qualities.

             My last paper, written about Pablo Picasso, was not a very high quality paper. It was my last paper as a senior in high school, in the final semester. I had already been accepted to college, and senioritis had kicked in pretty good. I threw my eight page paper together in less than three days. As for Marius's qualities, they were few and far between.

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