A Special Place Called My Own, My Room

            My room is a special place that I can always escape the outside world and concentrate on other important things in my life. When I ever-so-slightly twist my cool to touch brass circular door knob that is adjoined to my delicately wood-stained door I open a passage to a completely different atmosphere. This atmosphere provides a sense of comfort and stability. .

             When walking into my room, I am quick to notice the tingly feeling of the full plush camel colored carpet caressing my naked feet as if I were a the beach standing on the shoreline allowing the cool waves to filter through my toes. The smell of apple cinnamon sifts through my nose from the glade plug-in located in the outlet behind my door. One of first things that always stands out after walking into my room, besides the feel of the carpet and the apple cinnamon smell, are the four symmetrical country-white walls which are accented with vibrant hues and pictures of happy times gone but not forgotten. Polaroids of various high school dances, action shots of cheerleading, golf, softball and track, along with warm family photos are all arranged as a collage and enclosed in an enormous wooden oak frame. When I look at my pictures they make me feel like an estranged citizen revisiting their hometown and reminiscing about all of the wonderful times. .

             On the western wall of my room a very large sleek black frame with a transparent glass finish encases a blue gold and white softball jersey. Although the jersey is actually clean, it is still tainted from intense playing time- an orange dust color is embedded in the fibers. A silver medal in the shape of the state of Ohio hangs on a red, white and blue lanyard with the logo of the Ohio High School district softball tournament insignia is embossed on the front. A massive vanity mirror engulfs the northern wall in my room, and provides a truthful but not always pleasant appearance. On eastern wall in my room is master switch that brightly illuminates my room.

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