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A Phrase; Evil Often Triumphs but Never Conquers

In literature, "evil often triumphs but never conquers." This means that in all literature, there are always two sides. A good side, and a bad/evil side. The characters on the evil side usually overwhelm the characters that are on the good side. This holds true because the evil characters are generally portrayed as more intelligent and have more advantages. However, evil triumphs but never conquers. I agree with this quote because no matter how far the evil might seem to be ahead, at the end, there is always justice. Justice within each every character's heart. In the literary piece The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor were accused of being witches. They were condemned by the official. Although John Proctor confessed. He was frustrated, he didn't want to die because he was being accused. That shows the evil triumphs, however, when Danforth said that the confession has to post upon the church door. John immediately wiped the confession and followed strongly with the rest of the innocent people to hang. The evil side cannot conquer the good side. John Proctor was died a bravely man at the end. He was symbolized Jesus Crisis when he died.

The personality and the character traits of each of the individual characters are clearly captured in The Crucibe. Abigail Williams and Danforth are both examples of bad/evil characters. They symbolize and carry along with them lies, betrayal, and hatred. Abigail was the person who started the naming of the witches and the "rumor" so she can protect herself from the whole "trial". She accused the townspeople for worshipping the devil and reading the Devil's book. For her own good and benefit, she named Goody Proctor a witch just so that she can get closer to John Proctor and claim him as her own when Goody Proctor gets hanged Danforth is the Deputy Governor and therefore, also the judge of the trial. He misused his authority and extended his power in t<...

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