A Summer of My German Soldier

             The young girl steps up to the plate. It is the fourth and last inning of kickball and the score is seven to six in favor of they other team. It seems as if everything goes into slow motion and all she can hear is the loud roar coming from her fellow teammates and the boos from the opposing team. Determined to get the last two points of the game, she looks the pitcher straight in they eye, kicks the ball as hard as she can and wins it for her team. This is an example of determination, which is a theme in all three books. What is determination? Determination is anything from pushing yourself as hard as u can to pass a test to getting your dream job after years and years of college. This report is about the determination shown in every novel that was read. .

             Summer of My German Soldier was a very interesting book. It had a lot of facts about what happened after the time of the Holocaust and what it was al about back then. There were a few main characters in this book. Patty was the main character and she was involved in the book a lot. Her younger sister was very stuck up and always got all the attention from their parents and their parent's friends. Patty's mom works with patty's dad at a local store. They own the shop and that is how they make their living. Antone is another main character. He is one of the soldiers in the prison camp. He and Patty meet when Antone and the rest of the prison camp decide to take a trip to patty's parents store for hats to cover their faces when they are out in the sun. They became really good friends. Antone escaped from the camp and was hiding in Patty's backyard. They become the best of friends and Patty starts falling in love with antone but Antone isn't falling in love with her. At the end Antone is shot and Patty is sent to a state correctional facility. In this story Patty fought to keep Antone alive and not to let anyone know that he was staying with her.

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