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The Last Amazon

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the deforestation of the Amazon rain

forest. This discussion emphasizes the social and geographic background, the impact of deforestation on the Amazon's people and resources, and the causes as well as some proposed solutions of the problem.

The Amazon rain forest is so vast it can be seen from the space shuttle. Will this statement be true ten years from now? The logs that are taken from the rain forest are money for today and the wasteland of tomorrow. Virtually all tropical rain forests may vanish in the next twenty-five years. (Richter) With the extinction of the forest will come the extinction of much of the world's most remarkable wildlife. In an editorial statement, The Economist magazine noted that the Amazon rain forest in Brazil contains

. . . nearly one third of all the worlds' tropical forest-and a

greater variety of plants than any other country. The Amazon

has more types of fish than in all the rivers of Europe; the trees

are home to more species of birds than in all the forests of

North America. ("The Month Amazonian BurnsaE...

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