The Relevance of Music
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What would life be without music? The world would

be a very quiet place. Music is in many ways the fabric of our

lives and the definition of society. It is a reminder of how things

once were, an indication of how things are, and a view of where

society is headed. Music is a direct reflection of the picture of

society. Music can be a way to deliver messages, a poetic

medium, a fine art, or nothing more than a source of

entertainment. No matter what it is used for, music is the perfect

art and our lives would be that much less complete without it

that life as we know it would not at all be the same without

Music is the perfect art. It has movement, because it

progresses over a set period of time. All musical works have a

beginning and an end. However, music does not restrict the

audience in the way that movies or graphic art does. The

listener can create whatever image she or he wants to when

listening to music. It is an art that appeals to the conscious mind,

but the best music also appeals to the subconscious. No

thought is required to enjoy good music, though it is often

Instrumental music does not bind the listener into a

fixed template in the way that literature and poetry do: the

reaction to music is different from person to person. Although it is

probably the most difficult to produce the desired imagery in

instrumental music, it can be done. BeethovenÕs Opus 27,

Number 2, Piano Sonata No. 14, First Movement gives the

image of a tired old man writing by the light of the moon and his

passion without using any words at all.

Music with lyrics is often referred to as "words set to

music." This is not always the case. Sometimes it is more

accurate to refer to music with lyrics as "music set to words."

This form both widens and restricts the composerÕs artistic

composers to bring out their main ideas without expres...

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