The Origin of the Word "Discipline"

            Heidi Murkoff says that discipline comes from the Latin word meaning to teach, and that is the purpose of discipline to teach right from wrong not to punish. When you were growing up and your parents disciplined you did you think, oh man they hate me they never let me have any fun. Of course you did well do that growing up, we thought they just don't understand they are just out to make me miserable. Sometimes it takes a while for children to realize the reason they are disciplined is not to punish them though at the time it may feel like it, actually it is to teach them and to help them grow as individuals. The reaction of Christians might also follow this pattern as well. Let's say your child marks up your wall with red lipstick that will not come out. How do you react? Do you fly off the handle and punish them. Of course you do but how sever is the punishment? Do you give the disciplinary actions in a rage or in a state of love? Sometimes we see God ruling with an iron fist and handing out disipline as a punishment and that is totally wrong. God disciplines his children in an act of love trying to get us to learn from our mistakes not in an act of punishment. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. God's love is everlasting. He will never harm you we just put the spin on him. He gave us his son that we will never die we will live with him forever. Why would he discipline his children to hurt them? He disciplines us so we can learn from our mistakes and grow into the Christians He knows we can be.

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