Automotive Technician Career Choice

             The occupation I have chosen is an Automotive Technician. I chose to be an auto technician because I enjoy working on cars. To become an technician you have to go to school for a minimum of eighteen months at a tech school. To be higher and to be eligible to make more money you will need to take more than just the basic classes of eighteen months. At Universal Technical Institute, the school I wish to attend, they offer training in Automotive, Diesel, Motorcycle, and marine repair. The major car companies that sponsor UTI are Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Ford. All of those companies have special training programs for students that wish to work for a specific car company. The company will pay for your school and will guarantee you a job if you are in the top few percent of your graduating class. The job list averages 4,500 available jobs at any day of the year so the chances of getting hired are very good. UTI promises to assist you in your job search months before you graduate and students who take the programs sponsored by the major car companies will receive several job offers upon graduation. Being an auto technician could lead to starting your own business or being a mechanic on other types of engines. Yearly pay varies with different employers, but expected pay is well above $50k a year. Drug testing will be different with every employer because it is optional but most people have to take one drug test before they are hired. On a typical work day depending on the employer, you would be checking over the entire car, recording what is wrong with it, and fixing the problems. That would be done multiple times every day. Most weeks you work Monday through Saturday up to and possible exceeding twelve hour shifts. Working conditions consist mainly of inside work in a heated or air conditioned shop in the newer buildings and big time car companies.

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