Legality of adoption for Homosexual Couples

            Before I tell you the topic of my speech, let me give you a scenario.

             Imagine that you are with the person of your dreams. They are smart, sweet, intelligent, your parents even approve of them. You have gotten to the point in your relationship where you want to have a family, but like lots of families in the US, you are not able to conceive a child, so you do what any loving couple would do, you try to adopt a child. You get dressed up, get your papers together and go to the adoption agency only to find out that it is illegal for you to adopt a child. Why is it illegal? Cause it is a homosexual couple.

             First I would like to give a little background on the foster care system.

             Everyday there are more and more children in foster care and no one to take care of them. At first adoption was only a basis for infertile middle-classed white heterosexual couples but then the adoption agencies started to include people like minority groups, people with disabilities, and single parent homes. The Child Welfare League of America says that every time a group was introduced to be able to adopt, there was controversy. .

             Next I would like to talk about the anti-homosexual adoption side of the debate.

             Oklahoma State Rep. Tim Pope said, "Homosexual people are unstable in their lifestyle-period." Homosexual relationships are said to last a shorter amount of time than heterosexual relationships. Therefore they could be unstable to foster children that already have to jump from home to home to home. It is now illegal for Homosexual couples to adopt children in Mississippi. Republican Sen. Ron Farris said that as sodomy stands as a crime in Mississippi, lawmakers did the right thing. "A homosexual relationship implies the exercise of illegal activities, and no child should be permitted to enter that type of setting," he said.

             Next I would like to talk about the pro-homosexual adoption of the debate. .

             The American Civil Liberties Union states that there are six to 14 million children living with at least one gay parent.

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