The Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

            Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most famous men in India. He was born on October 2, 1869 in Probandar, India. At age thirteen, Gandhi married Kasturba and started a family of four children and his wife. Gandhi then went to London, England to study law. In 1891 he returned to India to practice law in courts but failed when he was unable to speak in front of a judge. In 1893 Gandhi went to South Africa on a year contract. During this period in time, the British had South Africa under their control. Gandhi stayed in Africa twenty-one years trying to liberate the abused Africans using nonviolent methods. .

             In 1915, Gandhi moved back to India where the British had taken over, just like in Africa. He led campaigns that started the Indian Nationalists Movement. Gandhi thought that for a just cause it was honorable to go to jail, and he did. For seven years he was in jail for his political campaigning, two of them leading the revolt from inside the jail. In the year 1947 India gained their independence from The British Empire by nonviolent methods. .

             After the British left, the country of India turned against itself as two major religions split into two rioting groups. The land of India soon split and Pakistan was made. In 1948 Mahatma Gandhi went on a fast to stop the fights and in less than five days they stopped fighting. Twelve days later Gandhi was in a market as a young man bowed to him and shot him three times. Rammer, an Indian word for God, was the last thing Gandhi said before he died. Gandhi's body was taken out to sea; Burned and the ashes were thrown into the Indian Sea. People say that them man didn't like Gandhi's methods and wanted the violence. Gandhi was one of the most unique people in the world; he stood out when no one else would and that is what makes him a hero.

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