The Four Freedoms

             The best way to define freedom would have to be allowing rights of individuals to act as they choose. Often, I wonder where I would be without freedom. There are many things I would not be able to do.

             We have many different freedoms in America. One would be freedom of religion. Without having the freedom of religion, someone would tell me what denomination I would have to be. Today, we can tell people about our own religion anytime that we want. If we did not have this freedom, we could not do this.

             Freedom of speech allows us to speak what is on our minds. Without freedom of speech we would not be able to communicate ideas, concepts, thoughts, beliefs, and artistic expression. .

             In a dictatorship world, someone might choose a spouse for me. Without this freedom, I would be unhappy. For one I didn't get to choose this man who I am suppose to marry. I also have to have kids with this man that I do not even love. Most Americans take advantage of the freedom to marry who ever they want.

             The Freedom of Assembly allows us the right of a crowd or group of people to gather for the purpose of political protest, discussion, or debate. The Civil Rights Movement would be a good example. Without the freedom of assembly, we would not have had opportunity to express our thoughts about a political protest, discussion, or debate.

             We have many restraints imposed throughout most of history. These restraints have been oppressive. History has been described as society's progress from a state of anarchy, through periods of despotism during which liberty was nonexistent or restricted to one privileged group, to a state of liberty for every individual under democratic governments; history has thus been shaped by the natural desire of all people to be free. This isn't history to most countries. It is their reality. As I look at all the freedoms that Americans have, I see that we should be very grateful.

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