The Pain in Disappointment

             Having just finished high school, some of my most memorable experiences are also some of my most recent ones. I had many opportunities to get involved in academics, as well as athletics. I chose to participate in basketball, football, and track. As a team member, I learned some valuable lessons to help me progress throughout life. One experience I will never forget was a football game that helped me deal with disappointment.

             Football was my favorite sport to play. Ever since my head was big enough to fit in a helmet I have played football. The feeling of being able to hit people and catch passes in the same game was an exciting rush. I have played almost all of the football positions on the field, along with two new positions my senior year. While in high school, football was not just considered a sport. It demanded a great deal of time and commitment.

             My football coach, Mr. Steve Weber, has committed his whole adult life to coaching football. He taught me about respect and that winning is not everything. Still today, when I need his help, he is willing to offer advice. Because of his care and concern for me, it prompted me to do my very best for him, as well as for the team. When we won a game he gave us the credit, but when we lost he took the blame.

             Coach prepared us well for the game against North Daviess. We knew the plays forward and backward. We were emotionally pumped and physically ready. This game would change my life forever. If we won, we would advance onward, but if we lost, my football career would be over forever. .

             The first three quarters were much like other games we had played so many times before. The last quarter began. Exhausted as we were, we knew we were only one touchdown behind and could still win this game. I sensed the time was running out at I looked at the clock on the score board at Roy William's Field. Only ten seconds remained. It was the last game of my senior year.

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